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888 Productions has wonderful relationships with many talented people in the service industry. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful, extremely talented individuals and have also worked with… well, not so good vendors!  After planning a variety of events, we can give you access to the finest and most reliable vendors available.  888 Productions only works with people who love their work as much as we do. We screen and carefully select vendors in every price point to suit your specific needs so you can be assured all of their work is truly priceless.

Event planners shouldn’t make all the choices for the host; we feel it is essential for you to meet the vendors we partner with so you can interview and talk with them and ultimately choose the ones that stand out to your particular tastes. Many events such as weddings are very personal and very emotional experiences. We understand that and we are there to be your guide and help you have fun with your planning selections while we take care of the legwork and direction.

888 Productions will kindly arrange convenient appointments for you and your fiancée to meet with vendors and work with the ones you choose. Even if you have vendors picked out in advance or relatives and friends associated with your production, we’ll make sure they have all the vital instruction and guidance necessary for a flawless execution.